Monday, September 29, 2008

Taking Control

When I was looking through all my pictures for my profile, I came to a profound conclusion. Damn, I looked pretty good back then. WTF happened?!? I know, McDonalds, childbirth and plain old laziness happened. I visited an old college roommate this weekend and she's lost weight since college and looks fantastic. I'm inspired....or maybe just sickened of the flabby outer layer of my body. I'm starting eating healthy today. And exercising. Ugh. It's just so hard to get started. I know that I will feel better once I cut out the dozens of Mt. Dews per week and the junk carbs. I've done it before and I know I will have so much more energy. It's just that I'm too lazy to start. I'm too lazy to do something that will give me more energy. I'm my own worse enemy.

Now for the big decision. I need a motivational picture to put on the refridgerator. Should I use the good picture from the honeymoon(basically, my goal) or should I take a nasty picture of me in a swimsuit NOW? Hmm. Maybe that will make everyone in my family lose weight. They will lose their appetite everytime they go to the fridge. Hey, that's one way to save on grocery money.

Okay, here's the diet plan:
No more white bread products
No more food after 10pm
Eat Breakfast
Quit finishing what the kids don't eat.


Lauren said...

Well at least you had fun. I never had a bod like you to begin with so makes life easier for me. HAHA! Thanks for adding the video. I hear your state is a BIG swing state and a must win for McCain. I hope you'll send the youtube url around to anyone in your state you can think of. No worries about sending them to me...just get the truth around! Stay great!

tiffany1377 said...

Lauren: Yeah, I really hope Ohio pulls through for McCain. I personally think (almost) all politicians suck, but I definitely think McCain is the lesser of two evils. I forwarded the video to everyone on my email list.

Lauren said...

I have to agree with you but even more so I think this time with McCain's opponent there is even more at stake. This man (I truly fear) doesn't want changes in policy, he wants revolution. I have spent way too much time with like-minded people to "O" for the last 17 years. When not on camera THAT is the word they use over and over and over. Thanks for sending it around to your email list.

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