Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where to begin

Hmm. So looking back at my initial postings I'm seeing that I basically did junior high journal entries. "I picked out my flowers, I picked out my dress, blah, blah, blah." It kinda made me want to stab myself in the eye. I'm so not like that. I'm not little miss sunshine and roses. I'm deleting those and starting fresh. I'm switching gears and blogging on all those obnoxious opinions I have. All those things I always want to say, but don't. All those things people don't really care about. Now I have a platform to speak my mind. No one can interrupt me here!! I'm SURE (note the sarcasm) you all just can't wait to hear all the things I'm right about. In case you're not sure if you want to stick around for this, here's a basic sample of my opinions. Let me know what you want hear about first and I'll try to be accommodating (don't get use to that).

** Politics - seriously, don't ask me to start here. I'll probably just offend everyone and never get any readers. My generic beliefs summed up in one quickie sentence...I'm a conservative with Libertarian leanings who basically thinks the whole system is screwed up. I hate extremists of all most all forms. (Okay, that was two sentences)

** Religion - I grew up Lutheran and still go to a Lutheran church. I'm set in my belief in Christianity, but that's about it. I'm still exploring and searching. I have an open mind and I don't like the hypocritical nature of many organized religions.

** Guns - keep 'em legal.

** Burger King - sucks b/c they started charging for Ranch.

** Motherhood - The most important job I do. My mom was a stay at home mom and I owe so much to her. I wish I had the luxury to do the same, but I have to work. I'm struggling to do the best I can at both.

** Step-families - SUCK. Not really, but they stress me out. I have two step-kids. I love them, but man to they try me some days. I've done a lot of research on living in a blended family and I'm living it, so I have plenty of opinions here!

** My brother - he's my baby brother by 4 1/2 years. He knows EVERYTHING...just ask
him. Whenever we get together, it usually means sitting in our garage (the only place you can sit and smoke and argue until 4am) and arguing everything under the sun. Mostly politics. He is a liberal and would be communist if he could, so basically we don't agree on much. Add to that the fact that he will argue anything with me just for the sake of arguing, makes all of our discussions a blast.

**My husband - He's freaking hot & I love him, but I still want to twist off his nuts most days.

Alright, enough for now. Trust me, I can spew on about any topic, so bring it on!!

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Lauren said...

You say whatever you need to. To hell if someone doesn't like what you write. Your post was interesting!!!

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