Monday, September 29, 2008

Too tired to think straight

Well, my weekend was a good time all around, but now I am zapped. We left for earlier than I planned on Sunday, so we were home by 3:30. I thought I was doing good. Kids were ready for bed early last night so Levi and I were going to have a quiet, early to bed evening. Yeah right. Levi decides to go play volleyball for a couple hours with our church group. They play every Sunday night. No big deal, right? Sure. He comes home early, limping. He came down wrong on his foot and thinks maybe he broke his toe. 2 hours and seven shades of purple later and he's off to the emergency room. He broke his toe AND his foot. Great. I think he has broken about every bone in his body at least once. I don't know how he does it. This is the third broken bone because of church volleyball. Come on, we're not talking about a competitive game here. It's just recreational volleyball. And it's not like my husband is in bad shape. He is completely accident prone. Next time he instists on playing volleyball, I'm bubble wrapping his ass. Ugh.

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