Thursday, October 23, 2008

Charlie's Animal Sounds

My kid LOVES animals and knows a ton of sounds. Unfortunately, my phone only takes 17 second videos, so this is all I could get at one time.

Here she is busting a move!

And here are two videos of her riding her bouncy horse. I think I've created a monster!!

Okay...I'll quit boring you all with my kid now! Thanks for stopping by!


Aleta said...

Aww, those are adorable! It's amazing how quickly children learn.

Lauren said...

Very sweet.
BTW I couldn't find the video anymore. Very upset to say the least. I did my best to get some others that show bits and pieces of the same or similar up. Not nearly as powerful but you'll get the idea. Please watch them before they are removed as well.

Kirsten said...

So cute!!!
She can really bust a move!

tiffany1377 said...

Thanks Everyone!!

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