Monday, October 6, 2008

What You Say And What They Hear

Ok, quick and funny story. Saturday night Levi and I went to watch the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) with my parents. Because it was a two hour drive, we got to the arena early to let the little munchkin walk around and wear off some energy before having to sit down again. While we were walking around with her, Levi was signing up for all kinds of offers and getting free stuff: pens, tshirts, magazines, ect.

Fast forward to the break before the final round. One of the sponsors was having a drawing from all the entries they received that night. They brought a big barrel out into the arean and drew the 1st name. Some guy won $100. Then they drew a 2nd name...for $500....LEVI!!!! Holy Crap! We never win. Talk about a sweet night!!

Fast forward again to the next morning at church. My grandparents come up to Levi and want to know if he's doing okay? (Ummm...compared to what) He assures them that he is fine. Then they ask if he's sore. (At this point I really am confused. What the heck are they talking about? Do they have a secret camera in our bedroom?) At this point I have to ask them what the heck they are talking about. Apparently my parents told my other grandma, who told them about Levi winning the drawing last night. Their interpretation? They thought that Levi won $500 RIDING a bull. Too funny! This is the guy who has broken 4 bones playing church volleyball. A bullride would have him in traction.


Lauren said...

First, you're a little nauty eh? HA
Second...this is very funny. Did you tell them what the truth was? And how did they react?

Lilly's Life said...

That is so funny. And well done Levi for entering into those draws - see it pays to do these things and I hope you do something spcial with the winnings and have some fun! I love watching bull riding - but would never want anyone I loved to be riding them though! My cousin used to ride them and he had the sweetest and placid personlity - never understood the attraction for him. He survived.

tiffany1377 said...

Lauren: Meee? Naughty? Noooo. Hehe. And yes, we told them the truth. They were a little confused of course, but didn't say much. Just, "At least the winning $500 was true." Haha.

Lily: I've ridden those mechanical bulls many times, but I just don't know about the real thing. The falling off doesn't scare me, but that whole "being trampled by the bull" part does!! I've known several bullriders and most of them are like your cousin; very quiet and sweet.

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