Friday, December 12, 2008

News Headlines for My Life (my updates)

Okay, so I have been swamped and haven't kept up here. I'm going to do a bunch of super-quick updates for all the random situations in my life...

Father Recovers From Heart Surgery
My dad is doing great!! He has made a very speedy recovery. He still has a way to go, but he is back to work part time and feeling a bit more like his old onery self.

Local Woman Gives Birth
My stepkids' mom had her baby. A very cute little girl. There's quite a bit of drama that goes with this, but for now the important thing is that everyone is healthy and doing well.

Local Child Gets New Best Friend
Another happy birth in our lives! One of my best friends just had a baby last week. An adorable little girl named Ava. My baby girl has a new friend!! Mommy and baby are doing great and I'm excited to go visit them later today!

Crazy Blog Lady Almost Goes Postal at Work
Yeah, that would be me. With dad out of the office, I've been holding down the fort. It's been challenging because, not only am I doing the work of two people, I have my daughter (1 1/2 years old) with me. One morning earlier this week, I had a customer call me TWELVE TIMES to resolve a billing issue. I was trying to help this lady who wasn't really comprehending basic check balancing skills, trying to keep my daughter on the toliet and answering two other ringing lines. I about lost my mind...what's left of it.

Family Fights Intestinal Virus
The stomach flu is going around our area. It's a nasty 24 hour bug that leaves you with the dilema of chosing which end to hold over the toliet. It's quick and it's violent and then it's gone, leaving you feeling like you've been hit by a Mac truck. My hubby has it now and I hope it stops with him. If he gives it back to me, he's a dead man!

Local Woman Procrastinates Yet Again. When Will She Learn?
Holy good God, where does the time go? I just realized that Christmas is less than 2weeks away and I don't have ANYTHING done! My house is a mess, I don't even have the tree or the decorations down from the attic, I haven't gone Christmas shopping. Nothing. I'm such a slacker. My goal this weekend is to get a crapload of shit done. Wish me luck.

Politicians Rub Off On Blogger...More Empty Promises
I promise to blog more.
Okay, I promise to TRY to blog more.
Um. maybe.


Lilly's Life said...

Hilarious post - go get busy girl and look after yourself. What a time you have had!

Aleta said...

Hehe. Just make sure that the next headline doesn't read, "Sick Woman Threatens Death of Hubby" - I hope that 24 bug ends with him too. How miserable!

Cute idea to headline the ongoings of life. Enjoyed catching up and look forward to reading more.

Lauren said...

I wish I could be as concise as you! Great post and did you change your blog around? It looks really good. Be gentle with yourself. I think you're doing a lot. Let the husband do the decorating and shopping!

tiffany1377 said...

Lily - Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by!!

Aleta - LOL...yeah, that wouldn't be very good. Luckily, he got over the bug this weekend so hopefully we can start to get back to normal.

Lauren - It's a struggle. I am notoriously long winded and have a tendency to ramble aimlessly. I'm working on it.

Update: My sweet hubby stayed home from work Friday b/c of the flu, but still managed to get the tree up and put lights on it! Now all I have to do is decorate!!

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