Friday, December 26, 2008

NOOOO!!! Not a dull pocketknife!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas! We were able to spend the entire day with our families and stuffed ourselves to the point of misery with tons of delicious food. As is tradition, we had a HUGE breakfast at my parents' house. We had a fantastic Thai lunch at Levi's mom's house and then a HUGE dinner at his dad's house. It was great and I'm sure that I gained several nasty pounds. It was such a great day with no drama. Well almost.

After we finished our last family gathering, we headed home and on our way we dropped the kids off at their mom's. Before we even made it home we got an angry call from her. I thought maybe she was upset that we got the kids dirt bikes. She can be a little bit overprotective about some things. Oh no, she was mad about a stocking stuffer. Little Logan got his first pocketknife. It was one of those really cheap ones that is not quite sharp enough to cut bread. We gave him strict instructions that it never leaves the house (except when we go camping) and that he is only allowed to use it with daddy's help. He was so damn proud of that thing. Well, apparently it was the first thing he told his mom about and she flipped her lid. She threatened to call children's services on us. What a freaking joke! I told Levi to tell her we have a LOT more ammo to go to children services with than she could ever have. It was just so ridiculous it was funny. She called Levi's mom and tried to get her to call us to talk some sense into us. Then she had her step-dad call Levi. Finally (to shut her up) we agreed to take it away from him until he gets older. Well, he'll be older tomorrow so we can live with that compromise. We will keep it from him except when he is at home with dad working outside or camping. It's not like it is useful for anything b/c it is so dull, but it makes him feel grown up to have it. Just another fun baby mama drama moment!

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