Wednesday, December 6, 2006

1st Actual Entry

Okay, so this is my 1st official post on here. Everything you see before this is stuff I've copied and pasted from my former blog. I kinda slacked on keeping up on things as you can tell, so here's the update... The wedding went wonderfully. I really couldn't have asked for it to go any better. Our honeymoon(to Florida) was so much fun and sooo relaxing! We really could have just stayed there forever...except for the whole running out of money and having no jobs thingy. lol...oh well. Anyway, we started trying to get pregnant pretty much right after the wedding and weren't having any luck. Sure enough, as soon as we gave up and quit trying so hard, I got pregnant!! I'm so excited about it!! I'm still just sort of shocked and amazed that there is a whole other person growing inside me. Two weeks ago we got to go get the first ultrasound and I can't tell you what a rush that was. I could see it's little heart beating and everything. It was probably the coolest thing I've experienced. I'm sure I'll be posting more and more often now. The pregnancy hormones have made my emotions off the wall and sometimes it's just easier to write, and "get all the crazies out". I'm sure that for the next months I'll probably have all sorts of crazy rants and raves!

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Jamie J. DeChon said...

What a wonderful feeling that must be. What a wonderful life too! Congradulations.

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