Wednesday, December 6, 2006

More attendants!

Oct. 18th, 2005
Okay, so yesterday my mom calls me and tells me that she talked to my brother(he's in college) and that he is disappointed that he has not been asked to be one of Levi's groomsmen. I can't believe he would even want to! I had already planned on having him and all his friends be ushers. Isn't that what brothers of the bride usually do?! Anyway...I love my brother and definitely want him involved. I would have him be a bridesmaid...but I don't think he would want to wear the dress . Anyway, Levi and I talked about it last night and we decided that we will ask my brother to be a groomsman and Levi's sister to be a bridesmaid. That means that now we will each have 5 attendants, which is more than I had planned, but oh well. It would mean alot to me to have my brother up there with us. I'm still trying to register the fact that he wants to be in the wedding. It's pretty sweet.

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