Wednesday, December 6, 2006

How big is too big!

Oct. 11th, 2005
Okay, Size does matter....when you're trying to plan a wedding. So, DF and I have been tossing around wedding ideas for awhile, but we are now starting to actually decide on things. We contemplated the idea of eloping or having a very small intimate wedding, but have decided against it. We both have too big of families to limit it and my mom would be crushed if she wasn't included(if we eloped). Anyway...we decided that we wanted to go the whole 9 yards and have a traditional wedding. We definitely are not going to get ridiculous, but we are going to do the whole formal wedding thing. I was thinking a nice medium size wedding...not too big, not too small....then I went with my mom to rent the reception hall. While we were filling out paperwork, she asked the manager how many the hall would seat. He said 350(I'm thinking....Plenty)and my mom pauses and then asks what happens if we have more. WHAT?! Holy Hell!! I don't even KNOW 350 people. Oh well...I guess the more the merrier!!

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