Friday, December 26, 2008

NOOOO!!! Not a dull pocketknife!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas! We were able to spend the entire day with our families and stuffed ourselves to the point of misery with tons of delicious food. As is tradition, we had a HUGE breakfast at my parents' house. We had a fantastic Thai lunch at Levi's mom's house and then a HUGE dinner at his dad's house. It was great and I'm sure that I gained several nasty pounds. It was such a great day with no drama. Well almost.

After we finished our last family gathering, we headed home and on our way we dropped the kids off at their mom's. Before we even made it home we got an angry call from her. I thought maybe she was upset that we got the kids dirt bikes. She can be a little bit overprotective about some things. Oh no, she was mad about a stocking stuffer. Little Logan got his first pocketknife. It was one of those really cheap ones that is not quite sharp enough to cut bread. We gave him strict instructions that it never leaves the house (except when we go camping) and that he is only allowed to use it with daddy's help. He was so damn proud of that thing. Well, apparently it was the first thing he told his mom about and she flipped her lid. She threatened to call children's services on us. What a freaking joke! I told Levi to tell her we have a LOT more ammo to go to children services with than she could ever have. It was just so ridiculous it was funny. She called Levi's mom and tried to get her to call us to talk some sense into us. Then she had her step-dad call Levi. Finally (to shut her up) we agreed to take it away from him until he gets older. Well, he'll be older tomorrow so we can live with that compromise. We will keep it from him except when he is at home with dad working outside or camping. It's not like it is useful for anything b/c it is so dull, but it makes him feel grown up to have it. Just another fun baby mama drama moment!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Shining Example of Why I Hate Public School

So yesterday the kids and I were driving home. Wait, I was driving, they were passengering. Anyways, I was listening to my favorite conservative talk radio station and of course they are talking about Obama. All of a sudden my stepdaughter pipes up and says, "I hope Obama does a better job at being president than Bush did."

So I answer her, "Well, I hope so too. You always want the new president to improve over the last one. Even if I didn't vote for Obama, I hope he does a good job."

She replies with, "Well he HAS to do a better job than Bush, because he was the worst president we have ever had. He was HORRIBLE."

My turn: "Really. What did he do that was so horrible? What do you think makes him the worse president?" (Seriously, she's been alive for him and Clinton. What kind of contest is that?)

Her reply: "I don't really know, that's just what my teacher told me."

Are you kidding me??? A fourth grade teacher blasted the current and outgoing president without giving her students any kind of reasoning? That is ridiculous. I don't care if you love or hate Bush, but this is not something a teacher should be saying. My stepdaughter told me that she didn't give them any examples of why, just her opinion. Of course, my stepdaughter is young and impressionable and thinks that her teachers know everything. She never questioned this and just assumed it to be fact. Is is just me or was that teacher out of line?? I'm thinking about having a talk with the teacher or the administration about this.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Rant

I'm so annoyed.

Quick necessary background: My hubby's parents are divorced and live in the same town as us. His sister and her family (hubby and son) live about an hour away.

So anyway, this year they decide that it is just too much running for them and their 3 yr old to have to drive here and do Christmas with both seperate parents(in addtition to her hubby's families). They have decided to come to the father's house on Christmas day and then celebrate Christmas with her mom at another day and time. They want us to come to their house on either Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas. Here's the thing. I get 2 days off for Christmas, the day of and the day after. I don't want to spend BOTH days running all over the place. The other thing is that we will see them at their father's house on Christmas day, so why on earth would I want to drive all the way to their house the next day?? The excuse that they don't want to have their 3 yr. old out is crap. What about my THREE kids? One of who is only 1 1/2 yr. Not only all of this, but my mother-in-law called me last night and I can tell that she is upset that they are going to drive all the way here on Christmas day to see their dad, but they don't have time to see her too. What's sad is that she doesn't have ANY family here besides her kids. She is from another country and never remarried. She lives alone and her kids/grandkids are her life. Why they can't find time to stop and see her is ridiculous. I know it's not convienant...nothing about the holidays is, but suck it up and deal.

I for one have decided. I'm an NOT traveling out of town on Christmas or the day after. I will go to my parents and both of his parents as planned. It they chose not to do this, then that is on them. I'm not changing my plans.

Oh yeah...they pulled this last year too and we gave in and went to their house for Christmas. AFTER going to FOUR other places. WITH A 6 MONTH OLD.


Thursday is the Day

WooHooo! I'm taking tomorrow off for the big cleaning day. I can't wait! I just hope I can keep on track and not get sidetracked. I have a tendency to start to put stuff away and then find myself 3 hours later buried in old photos that I never got around to organizing. Somedays I can be a little ADD.

Well, I'm going to bust some butt and get some things done here at the office so that tomorrow can be totally devoted to getting the house finished. I'll see you all back here on Friday. It things go well, maybe I'll post some pictures of my victory!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Day Off...But Not Really.

It's decided. There is no possible way for me to ever get caught up with everything unless I make a change to my hectic schedule. I've come to the realization that what I really need is to take an entire day off from everything else to get things done at home. Actually I need about a week off, but that's never gonna happen. I'm settling for a day. I'm going to try to take a day off either tomorrow or Thursday. The older kids will be at school and I'm sending the baby girl to grandma's. I'm turning off my phone and locking my doors and going to battle with the mountainous piles of laundry, dishes and trash. Maybe this won't be enough time to get it all done, but if I could at least get things started maybe I wouldn't be so overwhelmed. I am a terrible procrastinator and let things build up until I just can't take it anymore. I'm at that point, but have no normal time to attend to the mess. I'm finally at that point where I can't stand the sight of my house and know I need to step up and brave the mess, but all I can seem to manage are small spurts of time in between everything else. I don't work like that. I don't clean a little. I clean A LOT or not at all. Which is why I'm in this mess in the first place.

Anyway, tonight I'm taking the kids to their roller skating party so nothing will get done, but hopefully I'll get my day off that I need tomorrow and kick some dirty house ass!! What's really sad and pathetic about my life is that I'm actually looking forward to an entire day of uninterupted cleaning. Sad. So sad.

Friday, December 12, 2008

News Headlines for My Life (my updates)

Okay, so I have been swamped and haven't kept up here. I'm going to do a bunch of super-quick updates for all the random situations in my life...

Father Recovers From Heart Surgery
My dad is doing great!! He has made a very speedy recovery. He still has a way to go, but he is back to work part time and feeling a bit more like his old onery self.

Local Woman Gives Birth
My stepkids' mom had her baby. A very cute little girl. There's quite a bit of drama that goes with this, but for now the important thing is that everyone is healthy and doing well.

Local Child Gets New Best Friend
Another happy birth in our lives! One of my best friends just had a baby last week. An adorable little girl named Ava. My baby girl has a new friend!! Mommy and baby are doing great and I'm excited to go visit them later today!

Crazy Blog Lady Almost Goes Postal at Work
Yeah, that would be me. With dad out of the office, I've been holding down the fort. It's been challenging because, not only am I doing the work of two people, I have my daughter (1 1/2 years old) with me. One morning earlier this week, I had a customer call me TWELVE TIMES to resolve a billing issue. I was trying to help this lady who wasn't really comprehending basic check balancing skills, trying to keep my daughter on the toliet and answering two other ringing lines. I about lost my mind...what's left of it.

Family Fights Intestinal Virus
The stomach flu is going around our area. It's a nasty 24 hour bug that leaves you with the dilema of chosing which end to hold over the toliet. It's quick and it's violent and then it's gone, leaving you feeling like you've been hit by a Mac truck. My hubby has it now and I hope it stops with him. If he gives it back to me, he's a dead man!

Local Woman Procrastinates Yet Again. When Will She Learn?
Holy good God, where does the time go? I just realized that Christmas is less than 2weeks away and I don't have ANYTHING done! My house is a mess, I don't even have the tree or the decorations down from the attic, I haven't gone Christmas shopping. Nothing. I'm such a slacker. My goal this weekend is to get a crapload of shit done. Wish me luck.

Politicians Rub Off On Blogger...More Empty Promises
I promise to blog more.
Okay, I promise to TRY to blog more.
Um. maybe.

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